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Deck with a Gazebo on it

If you would like a sitting area on the deck to have some roof, put a gazebo on the deck is a very good choice.

In this case, we put a prefabricate gazebo on our custom designed deck, we shape the deck area to a octangle shape, to match the base of gazebo and we made new railing for the gazebo to match the deck railing, so after everything is done, the gazebo looks like a custom build one, not a prefabricate one.

This saves my customer thousands of dollars, with a excellent appearance~~

Arrow head shape deck in my backyard

My house have a big backyard. The previous owner leave tons of garbage in the very back sharp coner of the backyard when I bought the house. After I moved in, I cleaned the garbage, and decide to make a deck in this coner.

This deck is part of my great back yard plan, for there will be a group of sheds sit on the deck, and the deck can also be my summer out door working area, as a extention of my tiny garage workshop.
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Medium height deck with exposed posts

This deck is designed by a architect, he does not know too muck about design a deck, so he made the structure the same as the house, which is muck different from a normal deck structure. But his design turned out to be beautiful, especially when the posts, which usually should be hidden underneath the deck, is exposed. The exposed posts became a really wonderful design element.

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Low profile deck with different decking direction

This is a low profile deck, very low, with two levels and a tiny pergola. It looks quite easy, but the key point of this deck is decking direction. The lower level decking have a light bolt shape pattern and decking direction in different area are not the same. Different decking direction need the support of deck framing, this become the hardest part.
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