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Pergola of years

Best of 2021

They were 2 set of pergolas, one at the front door, another one in the backyard, beside pool. They both in the same style and same cedar lumber.

Best of 2020

Best of 2019

Remodel a deck

This is a 20-year-old deck, really big one, multi-level, solid build, but was not well maintained by the previous owner in the past few years.

So the new owner of the house found me, and we worked out a remodel plan, we will rip-off all the surfaces, fix the framing, make some modification to meet the new owners’ need, and finish it with cedar lumber.

this is the deck before:

While we are working on it

After we finish it

Now, it is a new deck again, can serve another 20 years!

Sorry we did not got a chance to take pictures after the railings installed, but yes, it does have railings that meet our local building code.

Deck with a Gazebo on it

If you would like a sitting area on the deck to have some roof, put a gazebo on the deck is a very good choice.

In this case, we put a prefabricate gazebo on our custom designed deck, we shape the deck area to a octangle shape, to match the base of gazebo and we made new railing for the gazebo to match the deck railing, so after everything is done, the gazebo looks like a custom build one, not a prefabricate one.

This saves my customer thousands of dollars, with a excellent appearance~~