Walnut cutting board No.1

This is the first walnut cutting board I made, after this, I made several others. This one is made of hole piece of 8/4 thick walnut slab, 11 inch wide, 13 inch long, finished with walnut oil.

Walnut is not a common cutting board choice, it’s open pore become a huge probem when meet with water and oil. But what I really love about walnut is its light weight and not so hard. A light weight cutting board really can save me a lot of muscle when I wash it, cause I wash my cutting board often. walnut is not very hard, much softer than maple or beech, so it won’t dull my knives so quickly.

I shaped the bottom carefully, I made a copping at one side, so I can hold it tight when I washing it. In the other side, I made a step, this can help me hold it as a serving board, though it won’t be used as serving board, but I do use it as a temperary plate.

This board works very well, but got only one problem: when the bottom surface soak water, the whole board will be cupped, not too much, but make it un stable to lay on a flat counter top. I tried some other bottom shapes in the next cutting boards, you can see it here: