Arrow head shape deck in my backyard

My house have a big backyard. The previous owner leave tons of garbage in the very back sharp coner of the backyard when I bought the house. After I moved in, I cleaned the garbage, and decide to make a deck in this coner.

This deck is part of my great back yard plan, for there will be a group of sheds sit on the deck, and the deck can also be my summer out door working area, as a extention of my tiny garage workshop.


As shown in the site plan, Deck 1 is the decking I’m talking about.

The deck is designed to follow the angle of my back yard, it is 47 degrees, and the shape looks like the arrow head.


As the fundation of future sheds, I made this deck really really strong, and arranged decking pattern carefully, so it can make my future shed construction work easier.

This deck is done, but the shed is still on going, I will show the sheds when they are all done.